Sl. No. Description Prepaid CUG Group I Prepaid CUG
(size 3-25) Group II
  (size 26&Above )
1 Plans eligible to form CUG All current and old plans
2 CUG validity Max. of 30/31days or till the end of the calendar month irrespective of day of CUG formation
3 Rent for the month (whole /part ) RS 80 RS 60
4 Voice call tariff within CUG(Within HPLMN only) FREE(cug only for main account charging) FREE(cug only for main account charging)
5 SMS within CUG As per plan As per plan
6 Tariff VOICE/SMS/ GPRS( outside CUG) anywhere As per plan As per plan
7 Roaming charges As per plan As per plan
8 Friends & Family As per plan As per plan
9 Recharge coupons/topup As per plan As per plan
10 STV Voice/GPRS/ SMS Allowed  Allowed 
(CUG voice calls are also charged from Free minutes.) (CUG voice calls are also charged from Free minutes.)
11 Migration to any plan Allowed Allowed
Activation procedure & other conditions:
1.Creation / Activation of CUG will be done at CSC through sancharsoft.
2.  After obtaining request letter from the customer, they will either be added to the existing group or allowed to form a new group. 
3. CUG validity shall be fixed as 30/31days (calendar month based) from the date of enrolment for the all the customers and the rent of Rs 80 or Rs60 will be deducted upfront only. If sufficient balance in customer’s account is available, CUG will be provided.
4. The subscribers have to keep his main plan validity intact always with sufficient balance for CUG rent deduction.
5. If any of the group members is not having sufficient balance in his account, for advance rent for that month, system will wait for the next 3 consecutive days for at least the amount equal to the rental component. If deduction is not possible, the customer group id will be removed on 04 of the current month.
Re-Admission of ex-CUG Number (who is deleted due to rental failure)
if the SMS request is originated from ex-CUG Customer himself using the following syntax.
READMIT<space>CUG_ID to 53733
On receipt of the SMS, validation will be done for the number and the CUG Group ID. If they are correct and if the customer is having sufficient balance, number will be readmitted into the CUG Group after deducting the rent for the CUG group for that month.
SMS will be sent to the Customer regarding re-admission “Your mobile number is readmitted in the CUG group with ID Number”
If the validation fails, then also a suitable SMS will be sent to the customer.
6.CUG group size shall be checked at the end of the month. Accordingly the rent will be deducted, on next day (i.e 1st day of subsequent month) 
7. If a new customer joins the group, he will be charged upfront acc. to the size of the group he has joined. If there is any change in the group size from group1 to group2 because of his addition, the rent will be deducted for the new customer only as per the changed group size. The new group size CUG rent is applicable for rest of the subs in the group only from the next calendar month
8. Procedure for Deletion of a CUG member
For deletion of a number from the CUG Group, the subscriber has to be initiated the SMS The syntax for this is
DEL<space>CUG_ID  to 53733 cug to be removed at the end of the current month for the requested subscriber.
9. Rent for CUG service will be calendar based irrespective of the enrolling date.
10. NO NEGATIVE balance is allowed for these CUG numbers.
11. If any member of the CUG is on ROAMING, the roaming charges will as per the plan and no free calls are allowed within CUG.
1. All the customers in CUG groups will be intimated through SMS about the facility & monthly deduction of talk value so that sufficient balance of talk value is available for extension on monthly basis
2.Tamilnadu and Chennai Customers can join in the same CUG